Antimicrobial Use, Resistance Symposium

With antibiotic resistance becoming a growing issue, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is hoping a symposium coming up in mid-November in Columbus, Ohio will begin the dialog to a one health approach to antimicrobial use and resistance.

Symposium Co-chair, Dr. Leah Dorman, Director of Food Programs in the Center for Food and Animal Issues at the Ohio Farm Bureau, describes the one health approach as a triangle, with the three points being animal health, public health and environmental health.

“You know, whether its disease, whether it’s antibiotic use, you cannot just focus on one, because it affects the other two,” said Dorman. “So it’s very important we look at this issue very holistically and think about it in all three of those aspects.”

Dorman tells Brownfield that because the whole antibiotic issue is so complex, an open dialog is critical for meaningful interaction.

“And at this conference, ag is collaborating in a conversation about antibiotic use and resistance and we’re encouraging those additional perspectives so that we can begin working towards that path forward,” Dorman said.

The NIAA’s “A One Health Approach to Antimicrobial Use and Resistance: A Dialog for a Common Purpose” symposium, is going to be held November 13-15 in Columbus, Ohio.

For more information, or to register go here.

Audio: Dr. Leah Dorman, DVM, Ohio Farm Bureau (7:45 mp3)

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