Alltech predicts global feed contraction

The vice president of Alltech told the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization his company sees a decline in global feed production coming in 2013. Aidan Connolly told the FAO in Rome Alltech’s 2011 survey covering 128 countries put total feed production at 873 million metric tonnes. The 2012 survey, due to be published soon, covers more than 130 countries and will show a further increase. But Connolly predicts a 3 to 5 percent contraction in 2013 because of the continued global recession’s effect on protein consumption, the amount of feed stocks going into biofuels and the U.S. drought.

In addition, Alltech’s survey finds what remains of the U.S. harvest will be contaminated with up to 37 different mycotoxins so the feed supply will also be limited by the ability of food processors, farmers and feed companies to utilize it.

Connally told the FAO, “It is clear that efficiency in converting feed into food will be more critical to food companies than ever.”

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