Ag over-regulation is election issue

One of the big issues for farmers and ranchers in this presidential election cycle is what many see as a trend towards over-regulation of the agricultural industry.

Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley believes that, if President Obama is re-elected, it will be more of the same.  But Grassley thinks it would be different under a Romney administration.

“There’s two things—one, you’d have immediately put on hold a lot of regulations that the bureaucracy has been working on under Obama, because a new president wants a chance to review all that stuff,” Grassley says. “So that would be an immediate holdup of a lot things we think are bad under this administration.

“Then, I think, as you get into a new administration, that you’d have fewer regulations—but it wouldn’t mean you didn’t have any regulations.”

However, at a recent Presidential Forum on Agriculture in Des Moines, former Iowa Agriculture Commissioner Patty Judge disputed Republican assertions that the Obama administration has somehow been “anti-agriculture”.  Judge pointed to the Obama presidency’s track record on biofuels, record farm income and record farm exports, while at the same time focusing on a strong safety net for agricultural producers. 

AUDIO: Chuck Grassley (1:14 MP3)


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