Ag companies invest in growing workforce

A spokesperson for says agribusinesses are still planning to invest in their employees this year despite a down ag economy.

Erika Osmundson tells Brownfield their annual Agribusiness HR Review found 95 percent of ag companies will provide staff with salary increases.  “Salary increases are going to remain where they have.  The likelihood of salary increases in the next 12 months, of those that participated, 48 percent, almost 49 percent, said, ‘Yes, all staff would see some type of salary increase.’”

She says an additional 45 percent of companies said some employees would see increases.  “We’re in kind of that 2.6 to 3 percent anticipated increase.”

Almost 100 percent of companies in the survey have reduced bonus opportunities in the last year.

The report did not take into consideration any layoffs related to the ag slump. DuPont, John Deere and Kinze are just some of the major ag companies that have cut staff over the past two years because of the economy and consolidations.

AUDIO: Interview with Erika Osmundson 

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