A2 milk expanding into UK

Great Britain’s Robert Wiseman Dairies has entered into an agreement with New Zealand’s A2 Corporation to launch A2 milk in the United Kingdom. A2 milk comes from cows with only the a2 type of beta-casein protein, most cows today have both the A2 and A1 proteins. DNA testing is used to verify those cows with only the A2 type. A2 Corporation says about 23 percent of people in Western countries have a perceived intolerance to dairy milk, “many people who were self-diagnosed as being lactose intolerant report they can drink A2 milk without discomfort.”

A2 Corporation is pursuing licensing its patents, trademarks and proprietary processes in Europe, Asia and North America. Robert Wiseman Dairies which currently supplies about a third of the fresh milk business in the UK hopes to launch a number of A2 products next summer.

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