A year where nothing is surprising

“I’ve seen everything.”

Southern Indiana Seed Consultants seed salesman Elston Sayers says there is a mix of poor yields and very good corn yields this year.  And even, Sayers says, soybeans yields that higher than corn yields.  “I had one customer tell me his soybeans were out-yielding his corn on one farm,” he says.  “We’re really just getting in to soybean harvest on a lot of acres but I think soybean yields are going to end up being pretty nice.”

In his area, Sayers tells Brownfield there has also been corn quality issues.  “I’m hearing reports every day of loads (of corn) being rejected down at the river,” he says.  “I looked at corn Thursday and in one plot there was corn that was germinating at the bud of the ear and I’ve also seen a lot of corn that has had damaged kernels.”

Even though harvest has been disappointing for a lot of growers, Sayers says he is encouraged by the positive attitudes farmers have had.

 AUDIO: Elston Sayers, Harvest Update (2:58mp3)

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