A new voice behind beef commercials

Garrett Hedlund, the new voice of "Beef.  It's what's for dinner."“Beef.  It’s What’s For Dinner” radio commercials will have a new voice behind them.  According, Texas-born Matthew McConaughey will be replaced in favor of a younger actor.  Michele Murray, consumer marketing executive director for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association said the beef checkoff’s new campaign will feature actor Garrett Hedlund, who grew up on a Minnesota cattle operation. 

Murray says Hedlund’s background pairs the experience of a kid raised on a cattle operation with “star power”.  Of his new role, Hedlund says,  “I’m proud to represent America’s farmers and ranchers.  I grew up on my father’s cattle operation, so I’m right at home as the new voice of beef.”  He’s best known for his roles in Troy,  Friday Night Lights, Tron Legacy and his role opposite Gwyneth Platrow in Country Strong.  

The new “Above All Else” campaign aims to reach the next generation of beef eaters — the older millennial and Gen-Xer, aged 25 to 44 — who care about food and nutrition.

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  1. David Brazeal says:

    If Matthew McConaughy is now the old guy being replaced, that makes me feel about 114 years old.

  2. Ruth Hurd says:

    I speak for women everywhere when I say, “We want Matthew back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. Monesa Grant says:

    Just heard the new ad. Still like Sam Elliot the best! Sam Elliot has a voice that sounds like farms and beef and good strong country life.

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