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Midday cash livestock markets

A few bids are being reported on cattle in the North at 130.00 to 131.00 live and 210.00 dressed, and it is possible there may be a little light trade in parts of the North today. Southern trade is essentially done for the week following the moderate to active trade that took place on Wednesday. Asking prices on the cattle left on the showlists are around 130.00 plus in the South, and 212.00 plus in the North.

Slaughter cattle receipts at Sheldon, Iowa totaled 457 head. Compared to two weeks ago, slaughter steers were 7.00 higher, Holstein steers 3.00 to 4.00 higher, and choice heifers were 7.00 to 8.00 higher Demand was good on a steady offering. Slaughter steers choice 2-4 traded from 126.75 to 129.50. Holstein steers choice 2-3 from 95.50 to 106.00. Choice 2-4 heifers brought 127.00 to 129.75.

Boxed beef cutout values are higher in the morning report, choice beef is up .82 at 223.18, and select is 1.04 higher at 214.91.

Feeder cattle receipts at Missouri auctions this week totaled 33,058 head. Compared to last week, feeder steers and heifers sold steady to 5.00 higher with the most strength on mid weights in the 450 to 650 pound range with conditions suitable for grazing. The feeder supply was moderate with the weights of the offering more spread out across the spectrum than last week. Demand overall was good as is typical for this time of year, flesh conditions over powering quality as buyers want cattle that will eat and add pounds. Feeder steers medium and large 1 averaging 622 pounds averaged 150.46 per hundredweight. 628 pound heifers traded at 131.67.

Feeder cattle receipts at the Mitchell, SD Livestock Auction totaled 5894 head on Thursday. Feeder steers traded 6.00 higher with some heavier weights from 4.00 to 9.00 higher. Heifers 1 to 5.00 higher. There was good to very good demand for he offerings of high quality backgrounded calves and yearlings. Feeder steers medium and large 1 averaging 783 pounds brought 133.70 per hundredweight. 772 pound heifers averaged 124.72.

In Nebraska this week, alfalfa, grass hay, ground and delivered hay and dehydrated alfalfa pellets sold steady. Moderate to good demand for alfalfa bales and grass hay this week has been prompted by somewhat dry weather in the Midwest. Some hay is getting delivered in the Southern Plains at a very, very cheap price or free to producers that have lost everything in the recent fires. Good large round bales from 60.00 to 70.00 per ton. Premium large squares going to dairies at 145.00 to 155.00, with a couple loads of horse hay 170.00.

Barrows and gilts in the Iowa/Minnesota and Western direct trade are not reported due to confidentiality, the national market is 1.74 lower at 64.61. Missouri direct base carcass meat price is steady from 58.00 to 61.00. Midwest hogs on a live basis are 1.00 lower in a light test from 48.00 to 50.00.

The pork carcass cutout value is up .16 at 81.50 FOB plant in the morning report.

Actual pork exports last week surged, up [15% from the previous week, and 8% higher than the prior four week average, and representing a marketing year high.

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