Innovations at AGCO

Things are constantly changing at AGCO. On the tractor side, Senior Field Marketing Specialist Mike Alvin says there are concerns about those new diesel emission standards for next year and how they are going to affect fuel efficiency and performance. Alvin says AGCO is using “Selective Catalytic Reduction” to meet those standards and as a result producers will see good “economy, ecology and efficiency”.

AUDIO: Alvin talks about the tractor lines 3:56

Kevin Cobb is Combine Marketing Manager and he says “It has been a great year in the combine business!” He says we have seen some very nice crops out there and the window of opportunity to get the crop in is relatively small so producers need a good machine to get it in on time. He talks about some of the innovations on the Gleaner over the years.

AUDIO: Cobb talks about the Gleaner line 5:17

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