World Pork Expo focus on animal health

The 2015 World Pork Expo is this week and the Executive Director of the Minnesota Pork Board says producers will be focusing on animal health. “Whether its PRRS or PEDv, I think some of the lessons that have come with avian influenza here in Minnesota and in Iowa especially, there is going to be a… Read more »

World Pork Expo is June 3-5

World Pork Expo is June 3-5 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. Sponsored by the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC), World Pork Expo presents a wide range of activities, including the world’s largest pork-specific trade show, educational seminars, and swine shows and sales. “World Pork Expo is a showcase of pork production,” says… Read more »

A special Make-a-Wish

Two Cents copy

Over the years, I’ve listened to stories, watched videos and seen many photographs about the subject of today’s column.  Hers is a story that should make all of us in agriculture proud.  I’m turning over the reins for the column today to someone who knows this story from a very personal perspective. Meghan Grebner is… Read more »

AEM: Wireless connectivity a big issue

The need for wireless connectivity is a concern of many farmers and ag equipment makers. Nick Tindall, director of Government Affairs for AEM (the Association of Equipment Manufacturers), says many in Washington, D.C. don’t see it as a big deal, that there’s 3% dead-space for wireless in the U.S. – and it’s in rural areas…. Read more »

Is another farm crisis looming?

Managing for Profit copy

With lower commodity prices and interest rates projected to climb in 2015, could another farm crisis similar to the one in the 1980’s be looming?  David Lynn is Senior Vice President of Financial Services at Farm Credit of Mid America. Lynn notes there are similarities between the significant uptick in interest rates in the 1980’s… Read more »

TOPCON software compatible and easy to use

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA) is a subsidiary of Topcon Positioning Systems Inc (TPS). TPA develops and manufactures leading-edge satellite positioning and guidance systems, electronic controls, mapping, monitoring, and landleveling solutions for agriculture.  Joe Robertson is Product Marketing Manager for TPA.  He tells Brownfield that their products are known for ease-of-use, and a big component of… Read more »

Channel is about the seedsmen

Channel Seed touted their “seedsmen” at the 2015 Commodity Classic.  Kacy Perry, Channel Brand Manager, says it’s all about the partnership the seedsmen have with their customers, “Seedmsen go out multiple times during the growing season; walk their customer’s fields to see how the crop is progressing.  To inspect what type of pressures, disease or… Read more »

Climate Corporation using farmer feedback

Innovations copy

  The Climate Corporation, a company that examines weather data to provide insurance to farmers, has focused on two product areas to improve and enhance in 2015, based on feedback from farmers. Evin Levey, director of product at Climate Corporation, tells Brownfield they have broadened the capabilities of the Nitrogen Advisor.  Instead of only looking… Read more »

USDA sets up women farmers network

A new network to connect women farmers and agribusiness leaders has been set up by the USDA. Deputy Ag Secretary Krysta Harden says by emailing women farmers can get involved with each other and get information from the USDA. She tells Brownfield Ag News, “I can’t do it all myself. I was trying to… Read more »

Farm Credit VP predicts higher interest rates in 2015

Historically low interest rates are expected to climb in the next year as farmers continue to deal with low commodity prices. David Lynn is Senior Vice President for Financial Services at Farm Credit Mid-America and says, “since the feds got out of the bond-buying business as we note; and everything that we see would indicate,… Read more »