Valley BaseStation 3 re-designed ‘from ground up’

The Valley Irrigation BaseStation 3 offers the latest in remote center pivot irrigation management. John Campbell, with Valley Irrigation, tells Brownfield Ag News that it’s re-designed from the ground up “to be the most flexible and the most powerful farm management tool available.”

John Campbell, Valley Irrigation

Boiling it all down, said Campbell, “it allows the grower to fit the irrigation schedule into his life rather than trying to fit his life around his irrigation schedule.”

The BaseStation 3 is a centralized irrigation management platform that growers can use from a computer, tablet, Smartphone or a Cloud-based platform. In case of irrigation pivot problems, said Campbell, “BaseStation 3 can alert him via text message, or email, or even a voice message, if he so chooses.”

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Squaring irrigation pivot circles

From 30,000 feet, irrigation pivot circles are a fixture of the Midwest where the machinery is used to get water to crops. John Kastl of Valley Irrigation explains that employing a corner irrigation option will gain a grower 23 acres of irrigated ground. With the price of land what it is, he tells Brownfield Ag News, a corner arm should be seriously considered.

John Kasti, Valley Irrigation

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Plains Equipment carries the latest from John Deere

New forage handling gear; application equipment and tractor engine technology are part of the John Deere line-up for 2014 at Plains Equipment. During Husker Harvest Days, District Manager Mike Mackie showed Brownfield Ag News what just came off Deere’s production line. The John Deere W235 self-propelled windrower has 35 more horsepower than the R450, which it replaces. Where application equipment is concerned, the 4730 sprayer makes way for the new R4030 sprayer (750-gallon tank). Likewise, the 4830 is replaced with the R4038 (1,000-gallon tank), each brand new and designed from the ground up with a new boom, even with the 120-foot option for covering more ground. In addition to new engine technology making for fewer exhaust emissions, the 7000R John Deere tractors have more horsepower and improvements to the cab.

Mike Mackie, John Deere

For growers who might be in the market to update combines, Plains Equipment has a loyalty program for their customers. Ag Sales Representative BJ Kempcke tells Brownfield Ag News the dealership is offering more trade allowance from John Deere for older-model JD combines. He says there is also more money available to trade up on John Deere headers. There’s also Five-series combine being offered for those who may not need the size of the Six-series.

BJ Kempcke, John Deere

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New technology products from John Deere

“We have a whole suite of new technology products that are getting ready to launch,” said Angel Armagost, with Plains Equipment Group, at Husker Harvest Days. “The newest things that are coming on the market will be wireless data transfer.” She explains to Brownfield Ag News that the new technology “will enable your field data to be wirelessly transferred to the cloud or to your home data storage for use in future mapping projects.” She adds that there “are a lot of great things that will be enabled with that down the road.” One of the areas among the new technologies is very important to people farming with the help of the Ogallala Aquifer; water management.

Angela Armagost with Plains Equipment at Husker Harvest Days

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Nutra-Flo offers PureGrade liquid plant food

FINALIn this HHD follow-up interview, Nutra-Flo agronomist Kelli Barnett visits with us about their PureGrade product line, a select group of low-salt, chloride free liquid fertilizer grades that Barnett says are high in orthophosphates and can be safely used in close proximity to the seeds, roots and foliage for better fertilizer efficiency.

AUDIO: Kelli Barnett (2:36 MP3)

‘Preserving our agricultural heritage’

gangwish-joe-photoJoe Gangwish of Lexington, Nebraska is an “old farm machinery” enthusiast.   And he recently took his love of old tractors and other classic farm equipment items to the next level by creating a web site called

Gangwish says his objectives are to help people find a good home for their old equipment items and save those classic farm machines from being scrapped for iron.

In this Husker Harvest Days interview, we learn more about Iron Rescue.

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NARD announces first Hall of Fame inductees

anderjaska-joe-photoThe Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) held a news conference at Husker Harvest Days to announce the inaugural inductees of the Natural Resources District Hall of Fame.  Afterwards we visited with Joe Anderjaska of Imperial, chairman of NARD and a member of the Middle Republican NRD board of directors.  Along with the Hall of Fame inductees, we discussed how the NRDs are responding to the water challenges facing many parts of the state.

AUDIO: Joe Anderjaska (4:20 MP3)

PERC’s Leitman counts propane’s many applications

There are likely more applications for propane-generated energy than one can think of off-hand. That’s not the case with Mark Leitman, director of business development and marketing for the Propane Education and Research Council. There may be some that escape him, but he’s hard to stump. Sure, the obvious is that one can cook with propane, but while the rotisserie is turning, why not make a few rounds with a lawn mower; powered, of course, by clean-burning propane. In addition, the hefty power plants at the Husker Harvest Days PERC tent are designed specifically to pump irrigation water. Leitman is happy to talk about them.


AUDIO: Mark Leitman (4 min. MP3)

LG Seed customers saw all kinds of weather

Weather means something to Leonard Luebker. The LG Seeds agronomist easily reels off specific dates on which weather took peculiar turns, each creating stiff challenges for Midwestern corn growers.

“We look at the third week of March and there wasn’t enough soil moisture hardly to get any crop out of the ground and then in April we started getting rain and the cool temperatures and the first of May we got some snow,” Luebker told Brownfield Ag News at Husker Harvest Days. “And then the 12th of May, that Sunday, we had some frost overnight and 36 hours later, on that Tuesday afternoon when people were planting, we were at 101, 102 degrees.”

Leonard Luebker at Husker Harvest Days

The point Luebker is making is that growers need the right seed products to take the stresses that are all too common in the Midwest. He’s glad to talk about those products too, as you’ll hear.


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Photos: Leonard Luebker and Matt Teply at Husker Harvest Days

Lindsay helps growers with variable rate irrigation

sauser-aaron-lindsay-photoMore and more irrigators are incorporating variable rate irrigation (VRI) into their irrigation programs.  We stopped by the Lindsay booth at Husker Harvest Days and asked VRI specialist  Aaron Sauser what’s new in that area.

AUDIO: Aaron Sauser (1:21 MP3)