W.H. official hints at higher RFS volumes

Minnesota Senator Al Franken says he is confident that the final biofuels blending mandates in the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) will be higher than what the EPA initially proposed. Franken and other Senate Democrats met this week with White House adviser John Podesta.  Franken says Podesta indicated that the volume numbers will be larger than… Read more »

Governor upset over lack of RFS decision

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is upset that federal officials have failed to meet a promised deadline for a decision on the Renewable Fuels Standard. “Why hasn’t the EPA decided on this issue of the Renewable Fuels Standard? We were promised that decision would be made at the end of June. Here we are, the middle of… Read more »

EPA chief says RFS decision coming ‘soon’

In a conference call with reporters, EPA administrator Gina McCarthy was asked when she expects to announce a final decision on 2014 Renewable Fuels Standard volumes. McCarthy’s answer was “soon”. She says the agency wants to make sure they get it right. “It has become very clear to me that, in the comments we received… Read more »

RFA: Oil companies ‘covertly’ block increased ethanol use

The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) accuses the major oil companies of using “strong arm tactics and covert practices” to prevent and discourage the sale of renewable fuels—especially at stations carrying their brand names. RFA’s Geoff Cooper says, in many cases, the oil companies make it needlessly expensive or simply impossible for a retailer to offer… Read more »

Continued rail delays concern ethanol industry

One of the nation’s leading ethanol advocacy groups, Growth Energy, is expressing concern over continued delays in rail shipments of ethanol. In a letter to the Surface Transportation Board (STB), Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says ethanol producers are still having problems getting enough rail cars to ship their product. He says the industry faced… Read more »

Cellulosic ethanol made from corn fiber

An Iowa ethanol plant has produced the first gallons of “cellulosic” ethanol in the state and, perhaps, the world made from the fiber of corn kernels.  Delayne Johnson, the CEO of Quad County Corn Processors in Galva, Iowa, says the new technology is inserted halfway through the process of making ethanol. “It’s the most simplistic… Read more »

CBO report on RFS criticized

A new analysis by the Congressional Budget Office on the Renewable Fuels Standard says gasoline will go up 9 percent in cost and diesel fuel will rise by as much as 14-percent by 2017 if Congress does not repeal the RFS. The Advanced Ethanol Coalition says the CBO report is not worth reading. The coalition… Read more »

Forecast for ethanol is good for consumers

After it lost its government subsidies in 2011, corn-based ethanol became even more affordable than gasoline.   Dean Drake, founder and president of the Defour Group, a Michigan based consulting company says that surprises a lot of people.  “Most people don’t even recognize that ethanol doesn’t have subsidies anymore,” he says.  “Even more surprising – after… Read more »

“Tear down the blend wall”

As the debate continues on the Renewable Fuels Standard, Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis says the argument to roll back the RFS still doesn’t hold water.  “When America’s farmers have demonstrated, as they did last year and are about to this year, we have plenty of capacity,” he says.  “As a matter of fact, the… Read more »

C3Bio receives DOE grant

Purdue University’s Discovery Park will receive a $12 million, four-year grant from the Department of Energy to accelerate scientific breakthroughs to develop the 21st century energy economy.  The Purdue-led Center for Direct Catalytic Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels (C3Bio) will use the funding for research on converting the bulk of the plant to biofuels and… Read more »