Make sure your horse has the proper vaccines

Dr. Jessica Young

Dr. Jessica Young

Dr. Jessica Young with Diamond Y Equine Veterinary Services of Ogden, Iowa says she fields a lot of questions from clients this time of year about what vaccines their horses need to have.  She explains that there are two types, core vaccines and non-core vaccines.

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Attitudes toward carriage horses are changing

When the Mayor of New York City first announced he wanted to ban carriage horses, polls indicated that NYC residents supported the Mayor, by a margin of 3 to 1. Since then, those sentiments have been reversed, polls now indicate residents do not want carriage horses banned. So what’s happened to change attitudes?

Jon Katz, an author and columnist from upstate New York has been writing about the issue for the past few months, the biggest change he says is the carriage industry is telling their story.

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There’s more to that 8-second ride

Casper Bendixsen is an associate research scientist with the National Farm Medicine Center. His doctorate is in social and cultural anthropology. He started college on a rodeo scholarship, competing in bareback bronc riding. He says there is a lot more to bronc riding than just staying on the horse for 8 seconds…there are judges to impress as well.

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Leaders helping kids connect through horses

Horse oriented youth leaders gathered in Minneapolis this past weekend for the 2014 American Youth Horse Council Symposium. Leaders from breed associations, equine sports groups, 4H, FFA, scouting, rodeos and other groups learned a variety of tools to take back with them to teach youth about horsemanship and to attract new members. Danette McGuire, executive director of the council, tells Brownfield not as many children are involved in equine groups as there once were.  She says the benefits from working with horses are endless.

The 2015 American Youth Horse Council Symposium will be held in Redmond, Oregon.

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A quest to save mustangs

This is a just a smidgen of the story of Alan Day’s efforts to manage wild mustangs. In the 1980s, the Tucson, Arizona cowboy acquired his third ranch, which happened to be located in southern South Dakota. As Alan Day tells the story, on his ranch, he managed wild mustangs that were owned by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. His book, The Horse Lover, tells the entire story, but Mr. Day told me some it in a phone call. There’s much more in the book, including the forward, written by Alan’s sister Sandra Day O’Connor.

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AQHA grows its ranching program

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) continues to grow its ranching program.  At the recent Cattle Industry Convention trade show in Nashville, we stopped by the AQHA booth and visited with Brandon Black, manager of ranching programs. 

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Horses and their impact on people

The Horses and Humans Foundation’s primary goal is to support, promote and fund scientific research exploring equine assisted activities and therapies. To learn more Brownfield’s Dave Russell talked with KC Henry, Executive Director of the Horses and Humans Foundation.

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What does it take to be a bareback bronc rider?

Casper (Cap) Bendixsen will join the National Farm Medicine Center as an Associate Research Scientist once he defends his doctoral research in Social and Cultural Anthropology at Rice University. It all started with high school rodeo in Idaho which led to a college scholarship as a bareback bronc rider. So what does it take to be a good bareback rider?

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Tracking your horse’s health care

A new online site to track the health care of horses is available to horse owners.  Dr. Wendy Vaala, a veterinarian with Merck, says Horse Care for Life is like tracking health care for people, from birth through old age.  Horse owners get access to the free website through their veterinarians. 

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Are you concerned with what’s happening in NYC?

You’ve no doubt heard about efforts by the new mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, to do away with the carriage horse industry in the city.  It has prompted the New York State Horse Council to issue a statement calling on all other state horse councils and all concerned horse groups and horsepersons throughout the country “to come to the support of the New York City carriage horses and the carriage industry”

The president of the New York State Horse Council, Marsha Himler, believes the outcome could have ripple effects across the entire industry.

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