Thinking and breathing with your horse

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Mark Rashid is an author, singer and horse trainer.  He travels the country, teaching horses to think and then teaching riders to think like the horse.  It all starts with breathing.

Sharing a passion for horses

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In 1968 Bud Alderson created the Indiana Quarter Horse Association’s Horse Award to recognize deserving 4-H horse and pony members. Nearly 30 years later the award is still going strong.  Each year a quarter horse is donated and awarded to a 4-H member at the Indiana State Fair after a rigorous interview process. This year,… Read more »

Belgians – big, bold and beautiful

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Draft horses are always a big attraction at the Ohio State Fair. Adam Steinbrick of Lighthouse Acres at Marblehead, Ohio says people are just fascinated by their size and beauty, but it’s the same for Adam and he’s been around the Belgian breed for most of his life. Audio: Adam Steinbrick, Lighthouse Acres, Marblehead, OH… Read more »

Kinder, gentler horse work

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Ron Knodel has a different way of working with horses. To hear it from Ron, he “gentles” horses. It’s the result of a lot of time learning to work to horses. And when it comes to his working relationship with horses, “breaking” doesn’t seem to be part of his vernacular. “I dedicated my life a… Read more »

National High School Finals Rodeo this week

The National High School Finals Rodeo this week, July 15 through 21 in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Kyle Partain says more than 1,450 contestants from 46 states, provinces and Australia will compete in traditional events like bull riding, bronc riding, roping and barrels along with things like pole bending and light-rifle competition. AUDIO: Partain talks about… Read more »

Participating in the World Paint Horse Show

The Summer World Championship Paint Horse Show has been taking place in Fort Worth, Texas in recent days.  Among those participating in the youth division of that show were a couple of young ladies from Nebraska—Emily Eberspacher of Beaver Crossing and Hannah Borg of Allen.  Brownfield’s Ken Anderson talked to Emily and Hannah about their… Read more »

Get the horse to think

Mark Rashid is an author, singer and horse trainer….he says so far..the horse training thing has worked out the best for him. His method is to get the horse to think and then get the rider to think like the horse. AUDIO: Mark Rashid talks about his training method Visit Mark’s website here:

Equine research, education, promotion grants

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Eighty-thousand dollars in grants has been awarded by the Illinois Equine Research and Promotion Board for the research, education and promotion of projects beneficial to horse owners and horses.  Karen Freese is the chairman of the board and says  anyone in the nation can apply for these grants that are paid for by Illinois horse… Read more »

Read the horse….and read the person

Richard Shrake is one of the most well-known horse trainers in the United States..his resistance-free training focuses on reading the horse…he says it also involves reading the person. AUDIO: Richard Shrake tells the story

Horse owners face life long obligation

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The fewer options that horse owners have to end their obligation to their animals, the greater and longer that obligation will be. The issue of responsible horse ownership and breeding is talked about more frequently now that some end of life options for horse owners no longer exist. Frank Bowman, president of the Illinois Horseman’s… Read more »