AGCO showcases new RoGator at Farm Progress Show

AGCO exhibited the newest version of its RoGator this year at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA. The RoGator 700 has an all-wheel drive smart drive system that allows for a comfortable ride as well as accuracy and efficiency in the field.

Joe Whorton at 2014 Farm Progress Show


Joe Whorton, AGCO Application Marketing Specialist, ties the new RoGator to the basics of soil nutrition. Sometimes, Whorton explained, this is a more challenging feat for smaller farmers or other special operations, who do not have access to similar equipment. However, the RoGator 700 is designed to help keep you mobile and accessible to ensure a steady application for soil health.


“This is a nimble machine that is really going to be a good entry level sprayer for their operation,”Whorton said.

AUDIO: Joe Whorton at 2014 Farm Progress Show (3 1/2 min. mp3)

New AGCO tractors turn heads at Farm Progress Show

AGCO featured new Fendt and Massey Ferguson tractors this year at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, IA. Conor Bergin, marketing manager with High-Horsepower Tractors, enjoyed interacting with farmers and seeing their interest in the new products.

Conor Bergin, AGCO

The Fendt 700 series combines a lot of new technologies such as a 4-in-1 monitor, where farmers can multitask four tasks at a time. It also features Vario Dock Pro, which allows farmers to transfer data wirelessly and new Cargo Pro Feed Loader technology which allows farmers to pre-set heights to make feeding and loading easier and more efficient. “I call it a ten minute tractor,” Bergin said. “An operator spends ten minutes behind the wheel of that tractor and tell you that it’s actually more intuitive, more easy to use than what they’re used to running in the past. We’ve had really good feedback thus far.”

Fendt at FPS14

The Massey Ferguson 7700 series and MT500E offer new amenities such as a new dash with a new display, as well as a whole new front axel with a hydro pneumatic suspension system that contours to the ground and improve the smoothness of the ride.

Massey Ferguson 7700 series tractor

In addition to Fendt and Massey Ferguson, AGCO brands of tractors include Challenger and Valtra.

AUDIO: Conor Bergin (7.14 min. mp3)

VanderHaags, Inc. strives to offer best in products and services

Vaner Haags, Inc. is a one stop show for anything that has to do with a truck or trailer.

Farmers visiting the Vander Haags, Inc.  exhibit during the 2014 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa had the opportunity to learn about the many products and services the company offers.  Sales associate Brian Leonard told Brownfield Vander Haags sells trucks, trailers and parts as well as servicing everything that they sell out of their five locations in the United States. Despite the small number of locations, many parts and services are sold to customers nationwide and internationally.

Brian Leonard, Vander Haag Sales Associate

Brian Leonard said Vander Haags strives to be number one in everything it offers and does, and he doesn’t see that changing.

“We look at many vendors to bring in the very best,” he said.

“We’re extremely optimistic in all of our goals that we have for ourselves and our company is extreme,” Leonard said. “The growth that we foresee, for most people would just blow your mind, but we’re very excited about the future.”

AUDIO: Conversation with Brian Leonard at FPS 2014 (2 min. 48 sec. mp3)

Expanding the supply and distribution network for gypsum

gypsoil-brand-gypsum-logoAt the recent Midwest Soil Improvement Symposium in Manhattan, Kansas, we visited with Dave Schuurman, chairman of Beneficial Reuse Management. That’s the parent company of GYPSOIL brand gypsum.  Schuurman talked about their efforts to expand the supply and distribution network for gypsum.

AUDIO: Dave Schuurman (4:27 MP3)

Okra – love it or hate it – it’s good for you

Okra – you either love this vegetable or hate it or haven’t tried it. But, it IS a healthy food. Okra is in season typically from July through October. It’s most commonly green but there are other varieties such as red. Depending on how you cook it – okra can produce a slimy texture but not always.  Deep frying or grilling or pan frying okra gets rid of that slime.  Okra boasts a number of essential nutrients.

HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Okra is healthy (1:30 mp3)

Crop insurance and the new farm bill

fcsamerica logoDoug Burns is vice president of insurance with Omaha-based Farm Credit Services of America.  We visited with Burns about the new farm bill’s implications for crop insurance and decisions producers will be making in the coming months.

AUDIO: Doug Burns (7:20 MP3)

Talking new products

Field days are a great opportunity to not only talk about new products, but Doug Clouser, Product Lead at Beck’s Hybrids says it’s an opportunity to determine what’s going to work best on you farm and where.

Audio: Doug Clouser, Becks Hybrids (2:55 mp3)

Are farmers listening to consumer concerns?

Katie Pratt is a family farmer in Illinois where they grow corn and soybeans and seed corn. She says farmers DO listen to consumers’ concerns and want them to keep coming.  In this Healthy Living, Pratt says the U.S. has among the most stringent ruless and regulations on food safety.

HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM – Farmers listen to consumers (1:30 mp3)

Reporting from FC Coop’s Field Trial Showcase in Iowa

fccoopOne of the biggest field day events held in Iowa each year is the FC Coop Field Trial Showcase.  We attended this year’s event near Farnhamville and had the opportunity to visit with several members of the FC Coop staff as well as guest speakers and farmers in attendance.

Todd Claussen is FC Coop’s director of agronomy.

fc coop-todd claussen 2014





AUDIO: Todd Claussen (3:14 MP3)


Kent Klingbeil, the coop’s director of precision agriculture, talked about their new 1R Precision System.

fc coop-kent klingbeil





AUDIO: Kent Klingbeil (1:46 MP3)


Dave Lemke is a key accounts manager with FC Coop.

fc coop-dave lemke







AUDIO: Dave Lemke (3:05 MP3)


Tyler Smith is a regional sales manager with FC Coop.

fc coop-tyler





AUDIO: Tyler Smith (1:50 MP3)


Tony Moellers, a former state FFA officer, worked this summer as an intern with FC Coop.

fc coop-tony moellers






AUDIO: Tony Moellers (4:57 MP3)


Dr. Tom Hoegemeyer was the keynote speaker at this year’s event.

ken with tom hoegemeyer-fc coop 8-14





AUDIO: Tom Hoegemeyer (4:29 MP3)


Stephan Becerra, general manager of Hoegemeyer Hybrids, talked about their relationship with FC Coop.

ken with stephan becerra-2014 fc coop-edit






AUDIO: Stephan Becerra (1:38 MP3)


Farmer Jon Halbur of Coon Rapids shared his thoughts about FC Coop and the Field Trial Showcase.

fc coop-jon halbur




AUDIO: Jon Halbur (4:29 MP3)


Paul Wetter, who farms near Rockwell City, gave us his impressions of the day.

fc coop-paul wetter





AUDIO: Paul Wetter (3:02 MP3)

Film documents ‘The Great American Wheat Harvest’

Since its national premiere in Washington, D.C. on National Ag Day in March, The Great American Wheat Harvest documentary film has been screening in theaters and at special events around the country.

gawh logoThe Great American Wheat Harvest tells the story of custom harvesters who travel from the heart of Texas to the Canadian border harvesting the wheat that feeds our country and the world.  The film was produced by award-winning director and producer Conrad Weaver, who says the response to the film has been “overwhelmingly positive”.  According to Weaver, his goal was for viewers to gain a better understanding of where their food comes from and what it takes to get a loaf of bread to the table.

One of the most recent screenings took place at the historic Grand Theatre in Grand Island, Nebraska during the week of Husker Harvest Days.   After viewing the film, we had a chance to visit with Jody Lamp, national executive co-coordinator for The Great American Wheat Harvest.

AUDIO: Jody Lamp (6:10 MP3)

Note:  The film will be available on DVD/BLU RAY later this fall. For more information, go to