Spring Cab Conversations coming soon!

Last fall Brownfield Ag News introduced Harvest Hangouts, the first in a series of Cab Conversations with farmers from across the Midwestern United States. Once a week during the harvest season, these farmers joined in the discussion from combine cabs, grain trucks, and even a duck blind, for an exchange of ideas in a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

The next series of Cab Conversations “Get Growing” begins soon. We invite you to “hang out” with us to follow this group of farmers through the ups and downs of planting season. The Google hangout platform allows for timely, relevant, educational and quite often entertaining discussion.

Beginning May 2, join us every Friday morning at 9 o’clock at BrownfieldAgNews.com for “Get Growing” Brownfield’s spring series of Cab Conversations.

Harvest Hangout No. 8

Harvest Hangout No. 7

Harvest Hangout No. 6

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