ASI Annual Meeting wraps up in San Antonio

Before heading home to Oregon, Clint Krebs, the new President of the American Sheep Industry (ASI) talked with Brownfield’s Dave Russell about some of the accomplishments sheep producers made while in San Antonio for their Annual Meeting. The Oregon producer also shared what he hopes to accomplish as President of the American Sheep Industry, from keeping the industry unified, to making sure the 43 member states feel they are fairly represented.

Audio: Clint Krebs, Oregon, Pres_ASI (8:10 mp3)


“The Ranch That Was Us”

When a lady from Comfort, Texas introduces herself to you as “Miss Mo, from Sixty-fo,” it tends to pique one’s interest, but then when she throws in her daddy bought Luckenback, Texas back in the ‘70s you start reaching for the recorder. After the Make It with Wool Banquet, which wrapped up the 2013 American Sheep Industry Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Dave Russell sat down with textile artist, former model and author, Becky Crouch Patterson. Her latest book is “The Ranch That Was Us.”

Audio: Becky Crouch Patterson, Author (6:30 mp3)

Susan Shultz elected ASI Region III Director

The new Region III Director to the American Sheep Industry is Susan Shultz of Ohio. In interview with Dave Russell, Susan talked about being elected, her vision and passion for the sheep industry and why they attend the American Sheep Industry Annual Meeting.

Audio: Susan Shultz, Ohio, ASI Region III Director (4:45 mp3)


Tyler Martin – Living the dream

Little did Tyler Martin of Michigan know that a trip to the ASI Annual Meeting in Arizona last year to participate in the ASI’s Emerging Entrepreneur program would be life changing. Before even leaving Scottsdale last year, Tyler called home and told his parents his plans to go into the sheep business. Tyler shared his story with Dave Russell.

Audio: Tyler Martin, Michigan (4:25 mp3)

American Lamb Board – doing more with less

NickForrest_Ohio_AmericanLambBoard (1)_webNick Forrest of Ohio wrapped up his term as Chairman of American Lamb Board at the 2013 ASI Annual Meeting in San Antonio. Brownfield’s Dave Russell talked with Nick about the challenges the ALB faced in 2012, as wells as programs the ALB is funding to keep American lamb in front of consumers.

Audio: Nick Forrest, Ohio, American Lamb Board (3:45 mp3)


Steffee Farms – Environmental Stewardship Award winners

ASI_EnvironmentalStewardship_AwardWinners_L-R_FrancisSteffee_MargaretSoulenHinson_ShirleySteefee_Ohio_webThe American Sheep Industry Environmental Stewardship Award winners, Francis and Shirley Steffee of Muskingum County Ohio have incorporated a number of environmental practices on their farm, but Francis says there are still some things he’d like to do. In an interview with Brownfield’s Dave Russell, the Steffee’s talked about their farm and their experience at the ASI Annual Meeting in San Antonio.

Audio: Francis and Shirley Steffee, Ohio, Environmental Stewardship Award winners (3:45 mp3)


Dr. Charles Parker – ASI Camptender Award recipient

DrCharlesParker_ASI_Camptender_AwardWinner (1)_sizedFor the past 50 years, Dr. Charles Parker has worked as an educator, scientist, industry leader, promoter and visionary in the sheep industry. At the 2013 ASI Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Dr. Parker was honored with the Camptender Award. In an interview with Dave Russell, Dr. Parker shared where his passion for the sheep industry began.

Audio: Dr. Charles Parker, Camptender Award winner (4:10 mp3)


Wyoming Rancher – Pete Meike

Brownfield’s Dave Russell sat down with Wyoming rancher Pete Meike during a break at the ASI Annual Meeting. The Meike Ranch, managed by Pete and brother Don is located just outside Kaycee, Wyoming, population 250. Pete says other than a gas station and school, there’s not much there, but Pete adds, that’s pretty much the ways it’s always been. The ranch was started by his Granddad in 1901, today the farm corporation includes 21 family members. In addition to ranching, Pete has a passion for training dogs to work sheep and cattle.

Audio: Pete Meike, Wyoming rancher (6:35 mp3)


Understanding the issues facing the sheep industry

For sheep producers like Stan Poe of Indiana, attending the American Sheep Industry Annual meeting is an opportunity to talk with other producers. Brownfield’s Dave Russell talked with Poe about how the industry is changing, the importance of sheep producers understanding what’s happening in other states and the value of being a member of an organization like the America Sheep Industry Association.

Audio: Stan Poe, Indiana (6:50 mp3)




2013 Pivotal Year for Livestock Producers

Dr. David Anderson, Texas A&MIn his lamb market situation and outlook presentation at the American Sheep Industry Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Dr. David Anderson, Extension ag economist at Texas A&M said that because of the drought, 2013 will be a pivotal year for livestock producers. Dr. Anderson also talked about declining per capita meat consumption, meat exports, and his outlook for lamb prices.

Audio: Dr.David Anderson, Extension ag economist, Texas A&M (10:00 mp3)