Sukup is more than just grain bins

John Bowes with Sukup 01312013

Sukup Manufacturing is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013. Located in Sheffield, Iowa with 5 distribution centers throughout the grain belt, Sukup is positioned well to serve farmer-customers.

John Bowes, international sales director for Sukup Manufacturing said his company builds products to last. Assisting farmers to be more successful and helping farmers find solutions in the many challenges they face is what employees at Sukup Manufacturing do every day.

Bowes tells Brownfield that Sukup Manufacturing is more than “just grain bins.” At the heart of the business is proper conditioning and storage of the grain.

John Bowes with Sukup Manufacturing 01312013

Innovative ag solutions from Hagie Manufacturing

Hagie 2012 STS12

Hagie Manufacturing Company showcased a 2012 STS12 with high speed nitrogen applicator at its Ag Connect exhibit. Jim Craig, Director of Business Development, told Brownfield the STS 12 is a designed not only for the farmer/producer, but also for the retail market. This machine is capable of spraying full season, injecting nitrogen fertilizer with the Hagie NTB (nitrogen toolbar) and easily switching to other booms and seed attachments.

Jim Craig with Hagie Manufacturing

Today Hagie Manufacturing Company serves customers worldwide and has a wide range of equipment suited for a wide variety of crops –  from corn and soybeans to tobacco, cotton and viticulture. 

“We offer the most innovative ag solutions or products to the market, to the farmer, to the producer.”   

Jim Craig with Hagie Manufacturing 01312013

Do your fertilizer homework

Greg SchwabGreg Schwab, Director of Agronomy for Koch Agronomic Services encourages farmers to take some time and do their homework when making their 2013 fertilizer decisions. Schwab suggests farmers look at university data and other unbiased sources, understand the products mode of action and choose the one that is right for your specific situation.

Conversation with Greg Schwab 01312013

TeeJet technology “ahead of the curve”

Brian Satorius, TeeJet applications engineer, AG CONNECT '13_EDITBrian Satorius, applications engineer at TeeJet says their spray jet technology is “ahead of the curve.” They featured their 6120 Droplet Size Monitor and Century 6140 Tip Flow Monitor at Ag Connect 2013.

AUDIO: Brian Satorius (2:00 mp3)

TeeJet Spraying Systems Company

“Heart” of John Deere Crop Insurance

The heart of John Deere Crop Insurance is the FarmSight™, says Jim Woosley, manager of product development. 

Woosley tells Brownfield Ag News, “You’ll take (your) data structure, load that onto your machines, go out and record your data. Then, we can provide you maps that when you take into your FSA office you can use it as a tool, just to make it easier to reconcile the acres – take those acres and finish up your crop reporting.”

Woosley says there has been a great deal of increased interest in the John Deere Crop Insurance product because of the drought last year.

AUDIO: Jim Woosley (2:00 mp3)

John Deere’s FarmSight™ featured at AG Connect

Jarred Karnei, John Deere product marketing manager, AG CONNECT '13

Jarred Karnei, John Deere product marketing manager, AG CONNECT ’13

Attendees got to see lots of products and solutions on display from John Deere at Ag Connect 2013 in Kansas City.

Jarred Karnei, John Deere product marketing manager tells Brownfield Ag News, talked about John Deere’s FarmSight™, explaining that, “We see ourselves as a solutions provider. We don’t just want be able to provide a product to the customer. We want to be able to provide a total solution to the customer.”

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New Holland part of U.S. Custom Harvesters Convention

Nigel Mackenzie, New Holland marketing manager for North American combines, at AG CONNECT 2013_EDITThe U.S. Custom Harvesters Association Convention was held conjointly with Ag Connect 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri and New Holland ag equipment company was a part of it.

Nigel Mackenzie, New Holland marketing manager for the North American region for combine harvesters and heads, tells Brownfield the importance of supporting the Custom Harvesters Association, about New Holland’s latest equipment, their partnership in promoting ethanol with Growth Energy and tours at their Grand Island, Nebraska plant.

AUDIO: Nigel Mackenzie (9:00 mp3)

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New Holland incorporating latest technologies

New Holland center knife drive for 880 CF header and their new 840 header_EDITJim Moellenberndt, field marketing specialist manager for New Holland, says they are incorporating the latest technologies into their equipment. For instance, they have a new corn rower system which allows for a more efficient use of corn stover. They are also highlighting the 880 CF and new 840 headers with center knife drive.

AUDIO: Jim Moellenberndt_NewHolland (4:00 mp3)

Farmer harvests earlier for higher profits

Gary Porter, Northern Missouri  Farmer and Treasurer of the Missouri Corn Growers Merchandising Council at Ag Connect 2013Making the most of your farm equipment is something Missouri farmer Gary Porter emphasized with growers at the 2013 Ag Connect Expo in Kansas City.

Porter has a corn, soybean and Angus cattle operation in Mercer County, in north Central Missouri. He urged farmers to maximize the use of their equipment.  He tells Brownfield Ag News, “I mean, that planter sits in the shed nine months out of the year. You only use it three. You need to use that planter when it’s time to run. It needs to be ready and it needs to be going.”

Porter also advocates combining early and selling early, saying both have paid off for his family farm.  He says, “We can pocket 88-cents a bushel more by selling September 1st corn than by waiting until mid-October. By also doing that, we feel like we get a better yield, our corn is standing up stronger and straighter when it’s early and green like that.

Porter says field conditions are typically better during an early harvest, plus, they get done sooner, “We used to not start until October and now we’re starting the first of September. We’re getting a thousand of acres of crops harvest before we normally would have started.”  Porter also advocates knowing your farming operation’s costs and goals, then, marketing to meet those goals. 

Porter was a featured speaker at one of Brownfield’s Managing for Profit sessions at AG Connect Expo in Kansas City.  Porter is Treasurer of the Missouri Corn Merchandising Council.

AUDIO: Gary Porter (7:00 mp3)

HARDI introduces self propelled sprayers

frazier-brad-hardi-ag connect 1-13At the Ag Connect Expo in Kansas City, HARDI North America introduced two new models of self propelled sprayers, SARITOR and PRESIDIO.  It’s the company’s first venture into the self propelled market. 

We visited with national sales manager Brad Frazier about these new sprayer models and their move into the self propelled market.

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