Is this same old, same old?

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I’m still amazed when politicians ignore what’s directly in front of their collective face.  Such is the case with immigration reform and President Obama’s decision to  double-dog dare the Republicans to challenge his November 20 “executive order,” action effectively granting legal status to nearly 5 million undocumented workers in this country who just 24 hours… Read more »

Food nannies rave on

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Knowing you’re tired of hearing  post-election this and that, I’ve decided to tell you about one of the most naïve scribblings by a gaggle of foodies-as-nannies I’ve come across in a very long time.  In fact, so urban-wealthy-elitist, wrong-headed and out of touch is this manifesto on the need for a “national food policy” fashioned in their… Read more »

Lessons from Tuesday

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We’re in the Republican afterglow from Tuesday’s elections, the celebratory noise is still loud, and the rhythm of backslapping can be felt all over town.  Then there’s the undertones of Democrat grumbling and activist teeth gnashing, creating an interesting tune to which GOP congressional leaders and President Obama dance as they bob and weave over what’s… Read more »

Here’s how you should vote

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When you vote November 4 – and if  you’re smart, you will vote because it does matter, no matter how frustrated you are with the sitting Congress – consider the next two years and the issues Congress will face.  Keep in mind most of the tough issues of the last two years were kicked down… Read more »

Foodies attack!

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A group calling itself Food Policy Action (FPA), a coalition of unions, animal rights, environmental, organic and self-proclaimed consumer groups, has decided it will spend this last month before the mid-term elections spending lots of money to convince voters to consider “food policy” at the polls. This is no rag-tag bunch.  FPA is chaired by… Read more »

‘Global animal welfare’ — who’s on first?

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Consider the following while thinking about “global” animal welfare and the explosion of producer group, government and food company “standards:” * All producer and meat processing groups in the U.S. and Canada decades ago set science- and producer experience-based standards for best-care and handling practices for the animals they raise; Canada has nonbinding “best practices” developed… Read more »

Stop the videos!!!

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It baffles me how B List animal rights groups like Mercy for Animals (MFA) still find farms where they can shoot “undercover” video exposing bad behavior. The latest small screen debut was shot on a “family farm” in the Southwest in August and released this month.  It’s supremely frustrating given how many speakers have showed… Read more »

It’s silly season in DC

In the lobbying business we call it “silly season,” that time frame that most epitomizes the old axiom warning you should never watch either legislation or sausage being made.  I’m talking about the last couple of months before a federal election, those last weeks in which the full House and one-third of the Senate, up… Read more »

A couple of items during the Dog Days

August is the slowest of months in Washington, DC.  Even the months with Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, Memorial Day and New Year’s generate more news.  However, there a few issues of which you should be aware, as follow: Immigration reform – or at least the politics of immigration reform – will get a shot in… Read more »