TPA bill could face tougher fight in House

Now that the Senate has passed Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation, the focus turns to the House of Representatives. Pundits say the legislation could face a more difficult fight in the House, where opposition from Democrats is more entrenched. Farm and commodity groups are calling on the House to act quickly.  Chip Bowling, president of… Read more »

Ag groups urge House to move quickly on TPA

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Several national farm groups are urging the House of Representatives to act quickly to approve Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation after the Senate passed it late Friday. In a statement released following the vote, American Farm Bureau president Bob Stallman said, “Congressional support is critical to breaking down trade barriers and completing ambitious new trade agreements… Read more »

Senate passes TPA bill

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  The U.S. Senate has approved Trade Promotion Authority legislation on a bi-partisan vote of 62 to 37.  The bill now goes to the House for consideration. Several commodity organization leaders issued statements immediately following the vote. Here is a sampling of the reaction. National Corn Growers Association president Chip Bowling: “Thank you to the senators who… Read more »

USMEF official: U.S. needs TPP to stay competitive

A top official of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) says the U.S. needs to finalize the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement if it wants to remain competitive in the world market. USMEF president and CEO Phil Seng says other countries are “stepping up their game” when it comes to meat exports. “We better pass TPP… Read more »

NPPC applauds ‘Walmart’s commitment’

The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is applauding, what it calls “Walmart’s commitment to sustainable and responsible farming”.  NPPC spokesman Dave Warner says that’s something that America’s pork producers do every single day. “The specific policy that Walmart is asking its suppliers to adopt, we align pretty well with most of those,” Warner says. Especially… Read more »

NPPC’s reaction to Walmart’s announcement

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In response to Walmart’s announcement of stricter guidelines around animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) released the following statement: “The National Pork Producers Council applauds Walmart’s commitment, announced today, to sustainable and responsible farming, which America’s pork producers make every day. By using antibiotics responsibly… Read more »

Animal rights groups applaud Walmart’s move

Animal rights groups are applauding Walmart’s announcement of stricter farm animal welfare policies. Leah Garces, USA director for the group Compassion in World Farming, says it marks “a historical tipping-point”. “This is the largest retailer in the country and much of their merchandising is groceries.  So the impact of such a market leader in taking… Read more »

Walmart announces stricter animal welfare policy

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Walmart has announced stricter guidelines around animal welfare and the use of antibiotics in farm animals. The new policy calls for the elimination of gestation stalls in pork production and battery cages in egg production. The guidelines also call for antibiotics to be used only when medically necessary, with oversight of a veterinarian, and eliminating… Read more »

Is multi-hybrid planting in your future?

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If variability in your fields is costing you bushels and dollars at harvest time, then multi-hybrid planting—placing specific hybrids at optimum zones in the field—may be part of the solution. Keaton Krueger is an ag technology specialist with Winfield.  He’s been working with Iowa-based SciMax Solutions this spring on a multi-hybrid planting project.  They’ve used… Read more »

Iowa cancels live bird exhibitions

The Iowa Department of Agriculture says it is cancelling all live bird exhibitions at county fairs, the Iowa State Fair and other events due to avian influenza. The department is also prohibiting live birds from being sold at livestock auction markets, swap meets and exotic sales. Officials says they’re trying to minimize the risk of… Read more »