Chengdu is China’s fourth largest city

The first two days of the Iowa Soybean Association trade mission were spent in and around Chengdu, China. Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province in southwestern China. Exact population numbers are hard to find, but according to the website, there are nearly seven million people in the main metro area with another seven… Read more »

Reporting from Chengdu, China

Here is the first of my news reports as I accompany the Iowa Soybean Association trade delegation to China.  This report originates from Chengdu, the first stop on the ISA trade mission. AUDIO: Report for Brownfield Ag News–ISA China trade mission

Iowa Egg Council not surprised by study

Egg-laying hens kept in conventional cages do not show a higher degree of stress than those housed in cage-free systems. That’s one of the conclusions coming out of a major research study on hen-housing systems. Randy Olson, executive director of the Iowa Egg Council says he’s not surprised by that finding.  He says producers understand… Read more »

Iowa’s ag secretary joins ISA on trade mission

Joining the Iowa Soybean Association on this trade mission to China is Iowa secretary of agriculture Bill Northey. Northey says this is his seventh visit to China and he offered us some insight into the interesting economic and political relationship between the U.S. and that Asian nation. AUDIO: Bill Northey

We’re headed to China

I’m very pleased and excited to be accompanying the Iowa Soybean Association on their latest trade mission to China. It’s my first trip back to that country since 1983, when I spent nearly two weeks there as a participant in the Nebraska LEAD (ag leadership) program. I’m looking forward to seeing how much things have… Read more »

The importance of vaccinating your horse

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Vaccinations are a crucial component of horse management – they are designed to keep your horse healthy by helping the horse’s immune system to defend itself against infection and disease. In fact, veterinarians say vaccinations are just as important as deworming regularly, hoof trimming, dental care, fresh water and clean nutritious hay. On today’s program… Read more »

Iowans will promote soybeans in China

Leaders of Iowa’s soybean industry will be joined by Iowa secretary of agriculture Bill Northey next week on a trade mission to China. Grant Kimberley, director of market development for the Iowa Soybean Association, says the group will be meeting with some of the major livestock feeding companies in central and southern China. “Feed mills who… Read more »

Hen-housing study finds trade-offs

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One of the lead researchers on a study comparing housing systems for egg-laying hens says there was no difference in the stress levels of hens in any of the three systems that were tested. The stress that animals feel in confinement has been one of the big issues in the debate between defenders of modern… Read more »

Lenders help customers prepare for challenging year

Many ag lenders have been working with their farmer-customers this winter to put them in a better position to withstand the latest downturn in the ag economy. Bob Campbell, a senior vice president with Omaha-based Farm Credit Services of America, says they have been helping customers analyze financial statements and restructure debt to improve cash… Read more »

‘Hope is not a great strategy’

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Jim Knuth is a senior vice president with Omaha-based Farm Credit Services of America. He directs FCSAmerica’s Iowa operations. On today’s program, Knuth discusses the financial outlook for farmers in 2015 and agrees that it’s going to be a “batten down the hatches” type of year for many Midwestern producers.  And he adds, “Hope is… Read more »