Truth About Trade & Technology hosts global farmer roundtable

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In conjunction with World Food Prize activities in Des Moines, the organization Truth About Trade & Technology sponsors a global farmer roundtable. This year’s roundtable included 16 farmers from around the world.  One of them was Ian Pigott, who run a diversified 2,000 acre farm 20 miles north of London, England.  In addition to being… Read more »

Fighting back against soybean seedling diseases

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Farmers and agronomists across the Midwest are reporting more problems with soybean seedling diseases in the spring, especially phytophthora and pythium. Dr. Alison Robertson, Iowa State University plant pathologist, says some of that is due to the earlier planting and minimum tillage that is taking place.  She says “up-and-down” spring weather conditions are also a factor…. Read more »

Harvest is good time to evaluate herbicide program

Harvest is a good time to evaluate your herbicide program and look for resistant weeds, according to Dawn Refsel, a field market development specialist with Valent. “You’re covering every acre with your combine, going back and forth, and so you get a really good sense of scale of what’s escaped through your herbicide program that… Read more »

GMO advocate: Science always wins in the end

GMO labeling initiatives will be on ballots next week in two states—Colorado and Oregon. They are just the latest efforts by anti-GMO activists to require the labeling of foods containing genetically modified ingredients. Bill Horan, a farmer from Rockwell City, Iowa and chairman of the organization Truth About Trade and Technology, says although the anti-GMO… Read more »

NACD expresses concerns with WOTUS rule

The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) has joined the long list of organizations asking the EPA to withdraw its proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule. In comments filed with the EPA, NACD says the proposed rule would “substantially expand” Clean Water Act jurisdiction, granting EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers “broad authority and… Read more »

NCBA files WOTUS comments with EPA

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has filed its official comments on the proposed “waters of the U.S.” rule, calling on the EPA to withdraw the rule and start over. “There are so many issues, both substantively and procedurally, that the agency must withdraw the rule and start the process over,” says Ashley McDonald (pictured),… Read more »

Some progress in TPP negotiations

Officials report some progress was made in recent negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.  But they say there are still significant areas of disagreement, including the United States’ insistence that Japan lower its barriers to agricultural imports. Following a recent TPP negotiating session in Australia, Japan’s economic minister said that while there is “no prospect… Read more »

Slowing ag economy impacts equipment makers

More signs of a slowing ag economy. AGCO reports net sales of its farm equipment in the third quarter were down 12 percent compared to the third quarter of last year. For the first nine months of the year, AGCO’s net sales were down eight percent from the same period in 2013. And the Racine… Read more »

Vilsack: No COOL appeal until 2015

Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says if the U.S. appeals the recent WTO ruling on Country of Origin Labeling, it won’t be filed until after the first of the year. The U.S. Trade Representative’s office is in the process of considering an appeal. Meanwhile, Vilsack says the USDA will try to find a compromise for COOL…. Read more »

Fall is good time to evaluate weed management program

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According to Dawn Refsel, a field market development specialist with Valent, fall is a good time to evaluate your herbicide program and look for resistant weeds.  In this interview at a recent Valent event in Omaha, Refsel also talked about what they’ve seen in 2014 as far as weed resistance is concerned, and offers some… Read more »