Trump urged to address Canadian dairy policy

Four U.S. dairy and government groups want President-Elect Donald Trump to address Canada’s restrictions on the import of U.S. dairy products. They sent a letter to him and transition team members Wednesday seeking immediate action for what they call Canadian protectionist policies.  The letter says every one billion dollars in dairy exports equals three billion in economic output and 20-thousand American jobs.

Chris Galen, from the National Milk Producer’s Federation, says the restrictions impact ultra-filtered milk sales in Wisconsin and New York by more than 150-million dollars and violates NAFTA and WTO terms by locking out U.S. products.  He says, “At the same time, this policy is also going to increase their ability to dump skim milk proteins on the world market, which means we have to compete with Canada’s exports in other markets as well.”

Galen says the Trump transition team needs to weigh-in on the policies now in effect in Ontario that are likely to be expanded. “We know that they’re going to be taking a very careful look at things like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), so this is a really good time we think with the new Trump team coming to town this month to raise an issue like this.”


Galen says several state and federal elected officials have also called for action against Canada.  “We’ve also been working with other state elected officials including Governor (Scott) Walker in Wisconsin who has raised this issue repeatedly himself.  Key Senators like Charles Schumer of New York who has raised the issue directly with Canadian officials.”

The International Dairy Foods Association, U.S. Dairy Export Council, and the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture also signed the letter.


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