Illinois grower says tests will bear out his confidence in cover crops

DSCN2199Kirk Kimble is confident that cover crops are resulting in healthier soil, but the Chillicothe, Illinois farmer signed up for the Soil Health Partnership so that he’d have the metrics to bear that out.

“I told my landlords that I know this is improving, but hopefully I’ll have some physical information to give them to say that we’re improving our farms,” Kimble told Brownfield Ag News at Commodity Classic in New Orleans.

Kimble has planted cover crops for five years, but is only in his second year of testing with the Soil Health Partnership.

“Visually you can see it,” he said, referring the improvements evident on his farm, “but I’m hoping we can quantify numbers with this test.”

Meanwhile, even without soil tests, Kimble is a believer in cover crops.

“Totally,” he said, “I’m completely sold on it; I have every acre covered with cover crops.”

AUDIO: Kirk Kimble (6 min. MP#3)

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