Two of Ohio’s largest cooperatives merge

Proposed-Merger-Update-1The CEO of Fremont, Ohio based Sunrise Cooperative calls the merger of two of Ohio’s largest cooperatives a merger of equals.

George Secor, says members of Sunrise and Trupointe cooperatives approved the merger on Monday with overwhelming support.

He tells Brownfield the agriculture industry is coming off of several years of success and is headed towards what he calls a “reset” and the merger is an opportunity to provide greater value for the cooperatives’ member owners.  “You can’t say let’s just hold where we’re at and get through this 2 to 4 years of bump times,” he says.  “You’re either moving ahead or you’re moving backwards.  From my standpoint – I wanted to get with someone that was our size or larger and drive down the efficiencies.  The number one priority to me is to make sure we stay relative to our customer owners.”

The new cooperative will begin operations September 1, 2016 and will operate under the Sunrise Cooperative name.  Secor will remain CEO.

The two entities combined boast more than $900 million in sales.

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