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Missouri House rejects proposed ag land tax hike

The Missouri House of Representatives passed a resolution Wednesday disapproving the Missouri Tax Commission’s recommendation of a five percent tax increase on some Missouri agriculture land.

The timing is bad for a tax increase for farmers, according to Mike Deering, executive vice-president of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

“Feeder calves have lost 40 percent to 45 percent of their value since September,” Deering told Brownfield Ag News Wednesday, from his office in Columbia.  “A 600-pound calf today will bring about $500 less than the same calf would have brought just a few months ago. And then given the floods and given the weather situation, it’s just not the time for a tax increase.”

The House resolution, sponsored by Republican Bill Reiboldt, passed 133-24.  Deering says that indicates that state lawmakers feel it’s necessary to have farmers and ranchers concentrate on producing affordable food.

“You saw Republicans and Democrats from all walks of life throughout the state supporting this,” said Deering, “and so I think that we have succeeded in communicating the message to urban legislators how this could have an implication on consumers as well.”

The Missouri Tax Commission increased taxes on farm and ranch ground by five percent two years ago.  That hike went into effect in 2015.

Senators Mike Parson and Will Kraus have filed a similar resolution in the Senate.

AUDIO: Mike Deering (3 min. MP3)

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Kenny Wandfluh

Swanson – Do you like to eat? I would personally prefer to keep farmers on the land and stop the tax, tax and tax some more and then a little more mentality. Farmers pay property taxes on their residence as well.. and their vehicles and their farm machinery and so forth. Farmers generate a ton of tax revenue for state’s counties. Do your research on that. Let’s get real here.

Dick Swanson

ARE YOU KIDDING US……5% of $2.00 per acre accessed value is only……10 cents per acre…..these farmers use a lot of our services at a county and state level…..if my lot is valued at $7,500. and its only one half acre…..we the citizens can not continue to carry the load for the county….farm land should be brought on line tomorrow at 1000-2000 dollars accessed value…’s time they pay their share…..and the money would be spent in the county…a some point in time…these values must be addressed…or….your county is going to file BANKRUPTCY…..!

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