Foliar diseases slow developing

So far this growing season in Ohio foliar diseases in corn have not been a big problem.

Pierce Paul, Extension plant pathologist at Ohio State University says once the crop enters the reproductive growth stage is when we typically start seeing foliar diseases. So far, only a slight amount gray leaf spot is being found.

“There’s the usual early season anthracnose on the lower leaves, but in terms of disease pressure it’s not been a big problem, because conditions have not been right,” the Extension plant pathologist said.

Pierce Paul says if it starts raining and stays humid he would expect more foliar disease developing in those fields with susceptible hybrids.

In the meantime, continued field scouting is recommended.

“It’s always an excellent idea to scout,” said Pierce Paul. “Because you can only anticipate based on growth stage, based on what you see in terms of temperature and relative humidity, based on the hybrid resistance reaction, you still need to get out there and look to see what’s there.

Audio: Pierce Paul, Extension plant pathologist, Ohio State University (2:40 mp3)

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