PPO herbicide resistance suspected

With already known resistance in some populations of weeds to glyphosate and ALS herbicides comes concerns that PPO herbicides maybe added to the list.

Bruce Clevenger, Extension educator in Defiance County Ohio says some farmers who have gone back to conventional soybean varieties and using a PPO herbicide program are beginning to see some common ragweed resistance.

“In many cases up our way some of the common ragweed’s are glyphosate resistant already, some of them are also ALS resistant, ALS would be another family of herbicides, so to add a third potential resistance in a conventional system, it takes out another one of what has been a very effective cards to control common ragweed,” said Clevenger.

In those fields where common ragweed resistance is suspected, Bruce says it probably won’t pay to go back in with the same herbicide that wasn’t effective the first time.

Audio: Bruce Clevenger, Extension educator, Defiance Co. Ohio (6:15 mp3)

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