Land O’Lakes making some changes in eastern Wisconsin

As part of its long-range plan “to achieve growth goals,” Land O’Lakes is going to discontinue operations at its cheese plant in Denmark, Wisconsin and expand the capacity of its facility at Kiel.

The company says the Denmark plant, which employs 92 people making provolone and mozzarella, has not been profitable in recent years. The plant will cease operations on July 1, 2014, member milk that is shipped to the plant will be sold to an unrelated third party.

At the same time, Land O’Lakes will make a multi-million dollar investment to increase capacity and expand receiving at its Kiel plant. Among the improvements will be new milk silos, new cheese vats, upgraded whey receiving and a new vat room. The actual amount of the investment was not released. The Kiel plant makes cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

Based in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Land O’Lakes is one of the largest milk marketing cooperatives in the country.


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  1. Phil osterhus says:

    Where o where has my Adicting American cheese blocks gone??
    I sadly miss it. I have been sending shipments of 12 & 16 pounds to family in Hawaii and Washington state for years.
    When my wife found out it was no longer available she went to live in a nursing home.
    Please bring it back, I need my wife at home.
    Phil o

  2. don bakke says:

    we have been using your american cheese in all of our cooking for years . it is the best on the market we are not happy with ;your not offering this to your followers it is t;he best we can f;ind . thank you

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