A call for ethanol’s ‘rebirth’

The executive director of the Clean Fuels Development Coalition is calling for a “rebirth” of ethanol as an alternative fuel.

Speaker at an ethanol forum in Omaha, Doug Durante said the ethanol industry needs to move beyond its “obsession” with the Renewable Fuels Standard and create a value proposition that will grow the demand for ethanol.  He says one way to do that is to get more flex fuel vehicles on the road.

“We have 20 million cars in this country that can burn any combination of gasoline and ethanol, and yet incentives for automakers to make those cars have been taken away,” Durante tells Brownfield. “So that’s one thing we absolutely need to focus on as an industry is getting those incentives reinstated so that we have a place to put that fuel.

“That has nothing to do with the RFS—we would move beyond it and wouldn’t be limited by whatever the RFS credits are.”

AUDIO: Doug Durante (4:33 MP)3)

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