Attitudes toward carriage horses are changing

When the Mayor of New York City first announced he wanted to ban carriage horses, polls indicated that NYC residents supported the Mayor, by a margin of 3 to 1. Since then, those sentiments have been reversed, polls now indicate residents do not want carriage horses banned. So what’s happened to change attitudes?

Jon Katz, an author and columnist from upstate New York has been writing about the issue for the past few months, the biggest change he says is the carriage industry is telling their story.

Audio: Jon Katz, Author/Columnist (3:00 mp3)



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M. Covault is correct. Jon Katz is just the right person to make a difference. He has seen this issue with fresh eyes and thoughtfulness. He has a way with words, and pointed out the obvious without jargon or political bias. “You cannot claim to love animals and hate people”. Brilliant. His blog posts have not been without controversy, but he is passionate about our proper relationships with animals and called out the protesters for their extreme anger and dangerous anthropomorphism. He has built a bridge between those of us who know the many roles animals play in society and those who know them only as pets.

M Covault

When the public is informed from both sides, instead just sensationalized biased propaganda, they usually make the right choice. Katz’s series of articles on the carriage horses as well as horse rescues that have been targeted by animal rights sociopaths is EXCELLENT–intelligent, factual, and with “humane” (to animals and people) analysis.

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