Collaboration makes nutrient resource use more efficient

A public and private collaboration announced this week could improve the use of nutrient resources on soils. DuPont Pioneer, the University of Missouri and the US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service will work together to help growers sustainably improve yields.

USDA’s and Missouri’s expertise combined with the seed company’s analytical know-how will open doors to what’s called new environmental response units, according to Joe Foresman, director of services for DuPont Pioneer. He says that allows for different fertility rates and seeding rates.

“It’s going to help the producer maximize production on those high-quality soils as well as be able to pull back inputs on these soils that are maybe a little bit thinner, a little bit lighter, lower organic matter or a little coarser in texture, so that we’re not wasting resource dollars,” said Foresman, during an interview at DuPont Pioneer Headquarters in Johnston, Iowa.

The result, according to Foresman, will be better productivity on good acres, with fewer resources invested on those acres where soils aren’t so good. It also is a more prudent use of nitrogen, making growers able to avoid over application where it’s not needed.

“Not only does that cost the farmer, but also puts nitrates in places we don’t want it to go,” said Foresman.

The agreement is to extend for three years.

AUDIO: Joe Foresman (4 min. MP3)

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