Wendy’s takes another step toward gestation crate elimination

Wendy’s has announced the next step in its plan to eliminate the use of gestation crates in its pork suppliers by 2022. The company says it will require their pork suppliers to submit quarterly progress reports detailing their efforts to phase-out gestation crates.

The details of the announcement state: “we now require every raw material and finished product supplier to submit quarterly progress reports that reflect the percentage of stall-free pork supplied to Wendy’s. Additionally, as a result of recent announcements by two suppliers who currently make up the majority of our raw materials (pork) business, we are confident we will continue to make progress towards our goal of eliminating the use of sow gestation stalls in our supply chain by the end of 2022. We maintain our commitment of achieving gestation stall-free sourcing, and welcome the ongoing and expanded cooperation from our suppliers.”

Back in 2012, McDonalds and Burger King announced they would have all gestation crates phased-out of their supply chains by 2017.

Read Wendy’s Animal Welfare Program here:

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