Panel: Ag research spending lags; U.S. needs to lead

Public investment in agricultural research in the United States has declined in recent years, to the point where the U.S. now lags behind China in public funding for agricultural research.  Brazil and India also have increased such expenditures at a time when U.S. spending has turned stagnant and even decreased. 

“Regaining the U.S. Lead in Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education” was the focus of a recent Heuermann Lecture panel discussion at the University of Nebraska.  One of the panelists was Dan Glickman, a former secretary of agriculture in the Clinton administration.  Glickman agrees that ag research is being underfunded.  He says the U.S. is “uniquely positioned to lead a global call for action, but we’ve got to put our money where our mouth is.”

Here is an excerpt from Glickman’s comments.

AUDIO: Dan Glickman (13:01 MP3)

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