Cheese production up 2.9% in November

Cheese production in November totaled 941 million pounds up 2.9 percent from a year ago. Italian type cheese output was 7.8 percent higher at 415 million pounds while American type cheese production was 2.7 percent lower than a year ago at 355 million pounds.

Wisconsin cheese production in November totaled 235.2 million pounds down 0.1 percent from November of last year. American type cheese production in the Badger State was 4.1 percent lower than a year ago with Cheddar down 6.7 percent. Italian type cheese output increased 1.5 percent.

California total cheese production was up 5 percent in November to 194.26 million pounds. The Golden State’s American type cheese production was 5.4 percent lower than a year ago even though Cheddar production was 5.2 percent higher. Italian type cheese production was up 6.6 percent compared to November, 2012.

Butter production totaled 143 million pounds in November just 0.1 percent below November of 2012.

For the first 11 months of the year cheese production is up 2.5 percent at 10.18 billion pounds. Year-to-date Italian type cheese production is up 3.6 percent while American type production is up 1.8 percent with Cheddar up 2 percent. Year-to-date butter production is just over 1.7 billion pounds up 1.2 percent compared to the first 11 months of 2012.

Other product production in November (compared to a year ago):

  • Nonfat dry milk, 100 million pounds (-13.6%)
  • Skim milk powders, 56.4 million pounds (+26.1%)
  • Dry whey, 75.1 million pounds (+3.1%)
  • Lactose, 83.6 million pounds (+4.2%)
  • Whey protein concentrate, 42.1 million pounds (+17.5%)
  • Regular ice cream, 52.3 million gallons (-3.3%)
  • Low fat ice cream, 24.8 million gallons (-9.9%)
  • Sherbet, 2.53 million gallons (+2.7%)
  • Frozen yogurt, 4.43 million gallons (-8.5%)


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