Missouri sues California over egg bill

The Attorney General of Missouri is suing the state of California challenging that state’s law prohibiting the sale of eggs from other states that are not produced under the strict production standards in California.

Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst says they are pleased this action is being taken to help protect not only Missouri egg producers who sell their products to other states but also to prevent an unfair precedent, “Missouri has some great wineries. What’s to keep us from saying that we don’t want any California wine to come into Missouri because we don’t like the way they make it. That would be good for our producers but you can see how this could escalate into a sort of trade war between states.”  Hurst says the U.S. Constitution prohibits that short of trade barrier and they’re just “trying to remind California of that fact.”

Interview excerpt with Blake Hurst on Missouri Farm Bill policy (2:30 mp3)

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Glad to see Koster stepping up to protect Missouri Agriculture. Don’t forget to support the King Amendment!


Everyone needs to support the King Amendment to the Farm Bill. That will stop CA and other states from trying to impose their own standards on other states. Of course, the H$U$ is screaming that it will negatively affect animal welfare laws in states, but that is a BIG LIE! Is H$U$ known for anything but that kind of self-serving propaganda? It’s their modus operandi.

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