Technology advances CAB brand

Steve Suther with Certified Angus Beef at 2013 NAFB Trade Talk Certified Angus Beef has been around for 35 years but Steve Suther, director of industry information, says technology has advanced the brand.

Suther tells Brownfield Ag News, “Certified Angus Beef actually started because an Angus producer ordered what was supposed to be an Angus steak off a menu and he was disappointed. He realized, ‘There’s no specifications for this.’ So, we were the first brand that worked with meat scientists to set up so that carcass specifications, not just – it doesn’t matter entirely what breed it came from – but the Angus breed excelled at hitting these specifications.”

While the specifications are the same, Suther says technology has added value on the product side and for producers, it has helped improve accuracy, he tells Brownfield Ag News, “Most recently, there’s DNA testing even for the commercial cow herd through Gene-Max™. For $17 a head you can characterize the ability of all your cows or your calves, just on the day they’re born from the blood test and their potential to gain and grade.”  The Certified Angus Beef ® brand was begun by several Ohio cattlemen and Angus supporters.

Interview with Steve Suther (6:00 mp3)

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