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Bill would increase scope of current anti-horse soring law

House Bill 1518 would expand the Horse Protection Act. Sponsored by Congressman Ed Whitfield of Tennessee it aims to crack down on the practice of horse soring.  Dr. John Bennett with Equine Services testified on behalf of the Performance Show Horse Association. He says the bill is too far reaching. Dr.Ron DeHaven, CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association, disagrees.  He testified that the current law does not go far enough.

HOOFBEAT – Testimony on HB 1512 (3:00 mp3)

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I wonder if Whitfield or DeHaven have actually read the whole bill (instead of the supplied “Cliff Notes” from H$U$, et al) and discussed with horse experts (rather than anti-horse-use organizations with their own agendas). It appears to me to be too far reaching too, because depending on how it would be enforced (and you can BET the antis would want the letter of the law to apply), it could very negatively affect many equine-related activities that are not inhumane (not just the “practice of soring”). That’s the problem with these bills that mask more extreme agendas—unintended consequences for most people are the intended consequences of those who are lobbying for the bill.

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