HSUS forms ag council in Iowa

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has announced the formation an Iowa Agriculture Council.  It’s made up of farmers and ranchers who support HSUS’ efforts to increase farm animal welfare standards.

It’s the fourth state council formed by HSUS.  The others are in Nebraska, Colorado and Ohio.

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One Comment


If the animal rights-led organizations (H$U$, et al) can’t successfully attack from the outside, they’ll infiltrate (as they’ve done with the USDA) and destroy from within. Considering the propaganda promoting veganism on the H$U$ website, how can ANY INTELLIGENT PERSON believe this isn’t just another step towards their goal of destroying animal enterprises? The stakeholders are the animal enterprises, NOT an anti-animal-use organization that is flimflamming the public and a few misguided animal raisers who seem to think if they throw enough others in front of the wolf, it won’t get to them eventually.

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