Understanding farm animal behavior

AnimalAg2031_webContinuing to build on their Animal Agriculture Series, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (OFBF) will hold Animal Agriculture 203 for first responders.

Dr. Leah Dorman, Director of Food Programs at the Ohio Farm Bureau tells Brownfield the purpose is to better prepare those who may face an emergency situation involving livestock by providing hands-on training.

“So we’re actually going to get some time to get in to the pens with these animals and have folks actually touch them, move around them and understand where their flight zone is, if I stand here, then they move here,” Dr. Dorman said. “And if you’re not used to livestock you don’t have a very good understanding or feeling for that.”

Two separate courses will be offered, the May 14th course at the Eastern Ag Research Center at Caldwell will focus on cattle and sheep, the May 22nd course at the University of Findlay will focus on horses.

Audio: Dr. Leah Dorman, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (8:10 mp3)

For more information, or to register for Animal Agriculture 203, go here.

The deadline to register is May 8.


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