Feral swine becoming a problem

CraigHicks_Wildlife Biologist_USDA_APHIS (1)_webCraig Hicks, a wildlife disease biologist with USDA APHIS says across the country feral swine are becoming an issue, with some estimates placing feral swine numbers at over 5 million. Ohio is one of the states where feral swine numbers are increasing.

“Over the last several years we’ve noticed a concentration of a problem area in the Southeast part of the state,” said Hicks. “However in the last few years we’ve been seeing emergent populations in other areas in the northern half and also the western part of the state as well.”

Hicks adds that in addition to the amount of damage caused by feral swine, they can also carry a number of diseases.

“Feral swine are highly mobile disease reservoirs,” Hicks said. “They can carry up to 30 different diseases and 37 parasites that can affect people, pets, livestock and wildlife.”

Audio: Craig Hicks, USDA/APHIS (5:05 mp3)

For more information about Feral Swine:

Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife

To report feral swine sightings, or to receive assistance wtih feral swine damage call: 1-866-487-3297

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  1. Adam says:

    As an outdoor enthusiest I enjoy hunting most animals within Ohio. Myself and a couple other experianced hunters are looking to find some properties which have a feral swine problem. If anyone knows, or has a problem with them let me know.

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