Animals for Life Summit

The Animals for Life Foundation held their first Summit on Wednesday, March 20.

“Our objective was to bring various sectors of the animal world together so we could become acquainted, that we could have a common sense discussion on animal care and use issues,” said David White. Executive Director, Animals for Life Foundation.

Audio: David White, Executive Director, Animals for Life Foundation (3:45 mp3)

One of the farmers attending the Summit was pork producer Chuck Wildman who farms near South Charleston, Ohio.

“I think it does me a lot of good as a producer to sit in the room with the generic consumer and start to understand some of their hot button issues, even if I don’t agree with them,” said Wildman. “I think it’s an excellent event.”

Audio: Chuck Wildman, pork producer, South Charleston, OH (2:45 mp3)

Speakers at the day long program included Syndicated Columnist Steve Dale, Dr. Candace Croney, from Purdue University and Dr. Temple Grandin.


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