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The Drive to Feed the World semi.

The Drive to Feed the World semi.

 Animal Health and Nutra Blend launched their Drive to Feed the World this week.

Director of Global Public Affairs for Elanco, Ted McKinney says they’re bringing the issue of food insecurity to a community near you.  “It’s a one year road trip, coast to coast with a pair of semi tractor-trailers that are all focused on informing people about food security issues and food and technology issues,” he says. 

Former NFL Lineman and professional wrestler Bill Goldberg is the face of this campaign.  McKinney tells Brownfield he’ll be featured on one of the two semis touring the country.  “One of the themes on the tractor trailers is ‘Chew on This’,” he says.  “The idea behind it is ‘think about this’.  Who better than a former NFL player and champion wrestler to get people to really think about what is going on in their food supply chain.”

One of the semis is equipped with a 30 seat theater that will show a film that will start a dialogue about the hunger issues plaguing our country.  The other semi is actually a cooker where they’ll prepare meals to coincide with their stops.

McKinney says the semis will make over 130 stops over the next year. 

To find a stop near you – visit

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Donna Dove

I attended this event which was sponsored in part by the United Nations (Agenda 21) and the foundation of the Father of the “Green” Chemical Revolution, the Marxist Dr. Norman Borlaug. I found it to be a mind-control meme of the worst kind. The message overall was Organics is not better than chemically-grown food so buy more chemicals and technology. They are pushing even higher milk production from cows with overfilled utters to the point of infection and pus in the milk. The dogfood company was using nanotechnology in the food. One of the other sponsors was Eli Lilly, a pharmaceutical company. They were pushing more milk, more eggs, and more meat with the use of technology and most of the information presented was actually disinformation. I would think the Organics industry could have a successful lawsuit around this. It felt more like a New World Order Eugenics charade and left me feeling depressed that we are still fighting the global death peddlers in light of the plight of our planet.

Annie Hoy

Hello. I just attended the first stop on this tour. I did not come away with any more knowledge or any way to take action against hunger by viewing the Goldberg movie.

It seems to me that this film was a PR piece to smear and discredit the natural and organic food movement. The message I left with was not that there were strategic ways to end or alleviate hunger, but that America has the safest food in the world.

I believe it is dishonest to lead people to believe that they will learn something that their community can do to help feed people when all you really want to do is convince them that organic and natural foods are not worth the money. There is way too much research being published in popular media that supports a diet free from pesticides, additives, antibiotics and the like.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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