Horse meat found in UK lasagna

Looks like the horse meat scandal in the U.K. has expanded beyond burgers. Food Safety Authority officials have found 60 to 100 percent horse meat in lasagna from a U.K. company called Findus. Findus has pulled all of the product from shelves in the U.K. and Ireland.

Findus issued a statement Thursday saying it is confident it has fully resolved the “supply chain issue” that led to the discovery of horsemeat in its lasagna.

The whole thing started last month when routine testing found horse and pig DNA is what was supposed to be 100% beef burgers in Ireland.

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  1. Protonrick says:

    It really started long ago. And they knew it.

    Finally, some upright, courageous, righteous people are speaking up and doing something about the greed and corruption rive in our commerce.

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