Ag industry needs more normal weather

Over the last few years – Mother Nature has proved that she holds the cards. 

As we look ahead to 2013, Purdue University ag economist Chris Hurt says the agriculture industry really needs to see a return to more normal weather patterns.  “We have a lot of our end users that have lost a lot of money,” he says.  “If we should see droughty conditions and poor crops a lot of our sectors are going to suffer.”

Hurt tells Brownfield, “We have the ethanol sector that has lost money all of 2012; we have our export customers for grains that have struggled with the high prices and have looked elsewhere for corn and soybeans; and clearly all sectors of the animal industry have lost money.” 

Many of these, he says will not be able to survive without a return to more normal weather patterns and moderate feed prices.

AUDIO: Chris Hurt, Purdue (1:12mp3)

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