NM GMO label bill dies, Missouri’s pending

The New Mexico legislature has tabled a bill that would require GMO labels on foods and feed. Last Thursday, the New Mexico Senate voted down a committee report on the proposal. It had passed the public affairs committee earlier last week.

According to FoodNavigator.com, New Mexico Senate sponsor Peter Wirth, a Democrat, said although the GMO labeling bill died last week they are confident similar initiatives in other states WILL make it.

A bill introduced in the Missouri legislature (SB 155) would require all meat and fish produced in the state that is genetically modified and sold for human consumption to be labeled. A handful of other states also have GMO labeling proposals pending.

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  1. Dolores Baldasare says:

    I am outraged that senators would deny consumers the right to know the truth about the food they are buying and ingesting. Methinks the meat lobby must be paying our representatives a great deal of money to prevent GMO labeling! Why else would our representatives not want us to know what’s in our foods? It seems like a basic right to me!

    Many of us have gone vegetarian and vegan. So much healthier and … without even knowing it … we’re becoming a force to be reckoned simply by no longer supporting the meat industry.

  2. Protonrick says:

    OMG, haven’t we had enough of this corporate control yet?

    What happened to good, honest farming?

    What happened to good, honest farmers?

    Soon we will ony see them in museums.


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