Volatility in markets top concern for NFO President

The National Farmers Organization is meeting this week in Kansas City in conjunction with Ag Connect Expo.

President Paul Olson said one of the top issues for his organization is finding a way to rein in some of the volatility in the markets.

The Taylor, Wisconsin dairy farmer told Brownfield, “We are facing some very difficult challenges out here as producers. We’re sitting here with no farm bill right now. We came out of one of the worst droughts in history in this country and concerns of going into another one in a lot of areas if we don’t get some moisture real soon. There are just way too many unknowns.”

Olson believes National Farmers needs to work together with other groups to convince lawmakers in Washingon, D.C. to move forward and put safety nets in place for farmers.

Olson is pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming positive attitude of farmers attending the meeting in Kansas City, especially considering the strain on livestock farmers due to the volatility in the markets.

NFO is strong, now, according to Olson. He tells Brownfield that risk management is more important than ever and although it is not the total answer, it helps take some of the volatility out of the equation.

Paul Olson January 28, 2013

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