Indiana’s new fertilizer application rules

A new set of fertilizer application rules go into effect next month.  Purdue Extension beef specialist Ron Lemenager says the regulations from the Office of the Indiana State Chemist are basically common sense.

Because most livestock producers are already doing these things, he thinks the rule shouldn’t be a significant burden.  “Things like stay 10 feet away from a road, stay 50 feet away from a tile inlet, and things of that nature,” he says.  “What the new rule is doing is formalizing those guidelines for producers.”

Another component of the new regulation, Lemenager says, is record keeping.  “We’ve created a record sheet that provides some reminders of the new rules,” he says.  “But it also gives the producers the opportunity to have a record of what they’ve done and when they’ve done it.  So if anyone ever questions the appropriateness of their nutrient management, specifically solid manure, there are records to show exactly what has been done.”

Large livestock operations already fall under IDEM’s Confined Feeding Operation laws – and Lemenager says the new rule extends to smaller producers who apply solid manure.

The rules officially go into effect February 16, 2013.

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