An opportunity for Indiana’s soybean growers

Last week the United Soybean Board announced a significant expansion in the production of high-oleic soybeans.  Indiana Soybean Alliance Executive Director Jane Ade Stevens says this is a really good thing for Indiana’s soybean growers.  “Indiana and Ohio are the two states that are getting the acreage right now (we’re going to have about 50,000 acres in Indiana this next year),” she says.  “It’s a big deal.”

At one time, Stevens tells Brownfield, soybean oil made up around 80 percent of the vegetable oil market – and because of Trans Fats – that market share has changed to high-oleic canola.  “With our soybean checkoff dollars, as well as companies like Pioneer and Monsanto, we’ve come up with some new varieties that get us in the high oleic market,” she says.  Putting soybean oil in a good position to regain that lost market share.

Indiana soybean farmers will plant around 50,000 acres of the high-oleic soybeans next year and Stevens says they are still looking for growers.

AUDIO: Jane Ade Stevens, High-oleic soybeans (3:00mp3)

For more information on growing high-oleic soybeans – farmers can contact the local Pioneer seed dealer for seed information or for program information growers can contact either ADM’s:  Matt Hillesheim, Lindsey Core-Linnebur, or Matt Hartman at 800-878-2361.


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