Farm site strategy reduces down time

Chris Batdorf of John Deere at NAFB Trade Talk

“The John Deere Farm Site Strategy is the equipment, the technology and the dealer value added services that all go together to deliver a total customer solution for every one of our large ag producers,” said Chris Batdorf, product marketing manager for the John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group. A recent example is the company’s remote support initiative, which according to Batdorf, allows remote service, increasing profitability.

AUDIO: Chris Batdorf (3 min. MP3)

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One Comment

Patricio Feder

KUDOS to JD!!!
Great to see progress on this field. Hopefully the beginning of good self diagnostics systems.
Ag businesses is behind on high-tech / high efficiency in relation to other industrial processes.
Not easy but clearly the future.
There is so much to do in precision agriculture (not the old sat definition but a cohesive IT supported management), especially in intelligent applications (defined as those that require less human participation), self diagnostics (as Mr. Batdorf well explained), autonomous equipment, crop performance analysis, automated crop/soil testing, and robotics in general.
For long term equipment (3+ yrs amortization) this can actually expend their life (20-50%), reduce down time, and greatly reduce human liability.
I managed industrial farms in LatAm (dairy in Argentina, pharma crops in Brazil) and personnel is a big issue. A difficult dependency to manage and -as mentioned- liability (accidents, legal, unreliability, personal issues, etc, etc, etc).

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