Deconstructing the opposition’s message

In recent years the animal agriculture industry has faced increased pressure from animal activist organizations like the Humane Society of the United States.  Ethics consultant Dr. Nelson Kloosterman, of Worldview Resources International says because someone else is telling the farmer’s story – the wrong message is being conveyed about livestock production (or as he calls it animal stewardship).  

And that, Kloosterman adds, needs to change. “In order to make that change – I think you need to learn from the opposition by deconstructing their message,” he says.  “You can figure out how they are using the tools of media, marketing, and mind making.”

Once agriculture understands how those tools are being used to convey the message, Kloosterman says, “With, in my opinion, a higher ethical standard than they (animal activist organizations) are using, agriculture needs to use the same tools the opposition is using.”  He uses children as an example.  “The industry needs to target children by way of educating and informing them that for us to eat, whether it is beef or pork or corn, something has to die.”

Kloosterman made his remarks during the Midwest Pork Conference, hosted by Indiana Pork.

AUDIO: Dr. Nelson Kloosterman (2:22mp3)

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