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October milk production up on month and year

USDA reports total cheese production during October was 928 million pounds, up 6.3% on the month and 3.2% on the year.

Italian type production was 388 million pounds, 4.8% above last month and 0.9% more than last year with American type cheese at 371 million pounds, up 5.1% from September and 6.1% larger than October 2011.

Butter production for October was 146 million pounds, a 6.8% month to month jump but only up slightly on the year.

Dry milk power for human consumption came out at 95 million pounds, down 5.6%, while skim milk powders were up 8.7% at 45.6 million pounds.

Dry whey totaled 76.0 million pounds, 1.9% lower, with lactose for human and animal consumption at 83.0 million pounds, down four tenths of a percent, and whey protein concentrate at 37.0 million pounds, down eight tenths of a percent.

Regular ice cream production was 64 million gallons, 6.1% more than a year ago, with low-fat at 31.6 million gallons, 6.6% less than last year. Hard sherbet was reported at 3.06 million gallons, an 18.5% increase, and frozen yogurt totaled 4.6 million gallons, 4.2% above October 2011.

USDA’s next set of supply and demand estimates is out December 11.

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